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Top Investment Books for Kids

Did you know that many of the most famous and legendary investors started investing at a very young age? Warren Buffett is said to have purchased his first stock at the age of eleven! The world of investing can actually be quite exciting for children to learn about.

As a parent, it is vital for you to get your children involved in your finances and help them get acquainted with important investment concepts. They will grow up to be financially literate and secure their future. There are many age-appropriate investment books for kids to start reading. Here are some of the top investment books for kids:

I’m a Shareholder Kit – The Basics about Stocks for Kids & Teens

This is not just an investing book but an enjoyable kit that will help kids get an experiential understanding of the stock market. They will learn about many companies and choose from a wide range of stocks. This book does an excellent job of teaching kids important investment basics.

It will show them how to conduct proper research of the companies before selecting the stocks. It does so in an interesting and enjoyable manner. It also provides many investment strategies that will be easily understandable.

Brother Bull and Sister Bear Go to the Stock Market

This is a fun and interesting book for kids to read. It gives them a simple overview of the stock market and its workings. It helps kids understand the core basics of the stock market. It’s a great book to help establish a proper foundation. It can increase their ability for comprehension as well.

Blue Chip Kids – What Every Child (and Parent) Should Know About Money, Investing, and the Stock Market

This book is a great read for two reasons: It gives you the opportunity to become familiar with the market yourself, and it also serves as a fun bonding activity that you can do with your kid. You can go through many different concepts with your kid and learn how to analyze different companies the right way. This book is suitable for children between the ages of eight and twelve.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets about Money That You Don’t Learn in School

Investment Guide

Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is regarded as a classic in the world of investing. However, it may be too overwhelming for your kids in their early teens. Luckily, there is a version of this book for teens which will help them master the basics of becoming fluent with money. It teaches them the right attitude and mindset towards wealth generation.

The Motley Fool Investment Guide for Teens

This is an indispensable guidebook for teenagers. It is a great way to introduce them to mutual funds. It’s a humorous read that gives a healthy perspective on the stock market. It teaches kids the importance of setting goals and sticking to them.

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